Thank you very much for buying my designs. All of my designs are copyrighted. Please respect the rules by not copying, sharing, trading,reselling them or using them for your own clipart. Running a web site is very costly.

You may use the designs on items that you sell - up to 200. After 200, please buy the design again. I do not make a full $2 on the designs, & if you are selling items with my designs on them, it is only fair to have a limited use of them. You may NOT resell the design in any form. You may not "break" the designs apart in software & use parts of the designs & create & claim as your own work. Each design takes many many hours. My designs are not intended to be turned into iron on patches & re-sold. I know this may sound a bit rough, but I can assure you, running a website & trying to make a profit is extremely difficult in today's market. Thank you for your consideration.


These are downloadable digital files There is nothing that ships out You must have an embroidery machine to use the appliques, as well as knowing how to transfer the designs to your machine. There are hundreds of machines on the market & I cannot possibly know how they operate. This applies to software as well. The designs are in a zipped folder - you must Unzip the folder before you can use the design. They need to be downloaded to the computer first & not downloaded to a USB stick.Each design is tested by me. The designs on the site are the actual stitch out. You can click on the photo to bring up a larger view of the design. Certain colors & lighting may cause some areas to show up lighter, this is not the stitch quality, but a lighting issue.

If the design shows up on your computer or machine in different colors - this is normal. Every machine "reads colors differently. You will be choosing your own colors at the machine. There will be a JPG software generated photo of the design, so you can see what colors I used. Again, you will choose your own colors to go with your fabric choice.

Be sure to make a back up copy of the folder. Make this back up copy one that is stored off of the computer. It is only a matter of time before a computer will crash & by having things that are important off of the computer you will still have them when it does crash. Also from experience, shopping carts can crash or if they do an upgrade, some information can get lost.


All formats are in the one folder. These are the formats: ART, DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP, VP3, XXX. If you need a different format, please contact me & I can see if it is available & email it to you.

How to DOWNLOAD your folders from MY ACCOUNT:

Go to the web site & click on MY ACCOUNT & then SIGN IN. One more time click on MY ACCOUNT & then click on the word DOWNLOADS - this will open up all of your purchases. Be sure to make a back up copy off of the computer.

There can be no refunds due to the fact that they are instant downloadable files. So please choose carefully.

Corrupt Downloads:
Every now & then you may get a corrupted file. This is beyond my control. It can get corrupted in the download, or if there was a hiccup in the internet. I find there is a higher chance of it getting corrupted going from the computer to the USB stick. These go bad just like the computer & any device for the computer. Be sure to use the "safe to remove hardware" feature on the computer. If you do have a corrupted file contact me & I will email it again just in case it did get corrupted in the download. Rest assured this does not happen often! You can have things get off even with an electrical surge. So if you live in an area where this occurs often, you want to put a surge protector on your machine.

How do you know the file is corrupted: if the stitches are not where they belong, they are getting off course this tends to be on one side of the design. Software does not let you make a mistake like this so do not assume you bought a design from a bad digitizer. Contact the company & I am sure they will be happy to re-send the design to you. Again look at the designs actual stitch out to see how it actually stitches.

You may use my designs on items for sale. If you reach the count of 200 items, I would like for you to re-buy the design. You are making money off of the few dollars & I do not make the full cost of the design. Plus running a website is very costly.

Private Policy Statement: 

Any information that is submitted by the buyer will be used strictly for the purpose of completing the sale, delivering the product, & addressing any customer service issues. Your information will not be rented, shared, or sold to a third party.

Thank you very much. I truly appreciate your business!