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3 Spooky Cupcakes Applique Design

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witch: SM: wd-3.29" x ht- 3.48" MD: wd-3.94" x ht-4.17" LG: wd-4.73" x ht-5.01"

witch boots: SM: wd-2.96" x ht-3.46" MD: wd-3.55" x ht-4.14" LG: wd-4.26" x ht-4.97"
spider: SM: wd-2.99" x ht-3.46" MD: wd-3.52" x ht-4.07" LG: wd-4.05" x ht-4.69"

These are to too cute to eat! Delight your little one with one of these characters! Great for garments, bags, placemats, etc.! Each style comes in 3 sizes.