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Embroidery Doll Apron Dress Pattern

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Front & pocket: wd- 5.35" x ht- 9.40"     sleeve: wd- 4.03" x ht- 7.39"     back: wd- 2.20" x ht- 6.27" 

3 buttonholes: wd- 3.59" x ht- 6.62"    collar wd- 3.57" x ht- 5.85"

Easy to make doll Apron dress for the 18" doll!   Embroidery is done in the hoop - once embroidery is finished it is very easy to construct by the sewing machine. Comes with PDF pattern for the dress front & back. Sleeves, collar & buttonholes are completely stitched in the hoop. There is even a real pocket!  Pocket can be skipped if you do not want it. Step by step directions & photos are included in the folder.

Design mostly uses the large 6X10 hoop.