Scallop Duck Edging

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1 long duck scallop: wd- 11.31" x ht- 2.59"   3 duck scallop & rotated: wd- 6.55" x ht- 2.45"

1 scallop Left & Right: wd- 3.45" x ht- 1.05"

2 scallops Left & Right: wd- 4.53" x ht- 1.05"

3 blank scallops : wd- 6.55" x ht- 1.05"

Made for collars or an overlay......but you could make a continuous edging if you wanted to. 8 files to create the size you need!  VERY easy! Comes with step by step & photo directions. If you can lay fabric on a straight line - you can do this!  The file: 1 long duck scallop - uses the large hoop, at least a 300 X 180.  I also give you tips on how I made the two garments. 

NOTE: the 1 long duck scallop file does not come in the HUS format, as it will not fit their hoop.