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Diamond Ovals Embroidery

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All files are the same in width: 0.27"   Height is as follows:

2 ovals: 1.48"    3 ovals: 2.31"    4 ovals: 3.34"

5 ovals: 4.22"     6 ovals: 5.09"     7 ovals: 5.97"

8 ovals: 6.84"

So much can be made with this simple design! The 2 oval one would be great in between buttonholes. Use them in the vertical or horizontal position. They would be great going down a box pleat - across a collar - on each side of a set of tucks...for making embroidery insertion, etc. Good design for the boys too! They can be made with 1 or 2 colors of thread. Keep it delicate by using DMC or Maderia 50 weight embroidery thread.