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Bib Peas

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medium: wd- 6.95" X ht- 10.04"

large: wd- 7.46" x ht- 10.89"

longer large: wd- 7.53" x ht- 11.14"

FUN bib, made it in the hoop! Uses a narrow stitch to reduce the bulk of having a seam on the inside. This bib is made in 1 hooping - has a front & back. A liner can be used if you choose to. Very easy. You will be turning the bib right side out. Comes with step by steps & photos to guide you. The applique is part of the design - can be skipped if you do not want the applique.

The medium uses a hoop at least 180 X 300 ( 7.09" x 11.81")  The large & longer large uses the 200 X 300 hoop (7.87" x 11.81")

There will be no HUS format - check your machine manual to see if you can use the VIP or VP3 format. There is no longer large in the VIP or VP3, there is the medium & large for these formats.