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Bikini Applique Design

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bikini & bikini 2 color without bows: wd- 3.41" x ht- 6.04"
bikini 2 color with bows: wd- 4.43" x ht- 6.04"
bikini & flowers: wd- 3.70" x ht- 6.04"

This is really fun! Great for garments, bags ,towels, etc. It is cute to add bows or buttons. Instructions for placing the ribbon ties at the top neck is included. Uses 1/4" ribbon, you could also use 1/8".
Comes set to have bikin with just neck ties, so you can add real little bows or buttons at the hip, or just leave alone. Then it has a 2 colored bikini that you can have the embroidery bows on the bottom, or skip them. Then it has a one color suit with flowers at the hip. All of them use the ribbon at the neck area, but of course could be skipped if you did not want the ribbon ties.