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Shadow Bear Machine Shadow Work

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tiny: wd- 1.51" x ht- 1.91"

medium: wd- 1.87" x ht- 2.37"

medium 2: wd- 2.24" x ht- 2.83"

large: wd- 2.61" x ht- 3.30""

Sweet little Teddy Bear. Perfect for day gowns, collars, yokes, pocket, etc.

BONUS:  free button down the front day dress/gown pattern! This is an e-pattern that is in a PDF format that you print out & tape together.  Pattern is in the design folder .The pattern is VERY easy & quick. It is designed  so the back side of the shadow work/embroidery does not show - nothing to rub on babies tender skin.. No need to iron on interfacing either! Best of all, you do not have to make a slip!

NOTE: this may be a little bit longer of a download than just a design.