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Lil Ladybugs Applique Design

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ladybug: wd- 1.80"xht-2.23 Xtrasm: wd- 1.48"xht-1.75"
ladybug dots:wd-1.80"xht-2.23" Xtrasm:wd-1.48"xht-1.75"
flowerbug outline:wd-1.83"xht-2.21" Xtrasm:wd-1.42"xht-1.76"
dot bug:wd-1.74"xht-2.10" Xtrasm: wd-1.42"xht-1.76"
3 grouped" wd- 6.22" x ht- 2.96"

Sweet little ladybugs to decorate collars, pockets, inset, jumpers, yokes, bags, pants - well - I can't think of any where you wouldn't want a few of these cute bugs! Wouldn't it be fun to put them all over a jumper!
The xtra small size has an embroidery head & underneath backside, while the bigger one has applique pieces. There are 4 different styles, but by using different colors, endless.